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Virtual Wedding Guests

When planning a wedding there are always those people who you really wish could be there but you just cannot accommodate them. Maybe they’re half way around the world or their employment doesn’t allow for travel when you want to have your wedding. In addition there are limits to the numbers we can invite, be it financial or seating restrictions. Whatever the reason we cannot please all peoples schedules all the time. Or can we . . . enter Virtual Guests. Streaming your wedding event is now easier than ever with most venues having dedicated lines for internet access. Streaming providers such as Ustream provide user friendly methods to make any size event available to watch LIVE.  You can have camera(s) covering the highlights of the event and even set up skype stations for interacting with virtual guests! Now you don’t have to limit the guest list to the size of the venue just the bandwidth. Something to talk about with your planners and venues.

Virtual weddings in Calgary AB

Virtual weddings in Calgary AB

For more information check out  Ustream

“real, raw and relevant”

As I embark on this adventure into 2010 as a professional photographer I have many questions about how to convey my message to you the prospective client. Recently I attended a marketing seminar that sparked some ideas. The focus was that the buying generation now desires truth and honesty in marketing. That we are moving from a “I” or “me” culture to a “we” culture. The resounding words for me were “real, raw and relevant”. I have been thinking of these words in terms of you my audience and prospective clients specifically wedding and portrait clients.  What is real: photos of you and your family not fake Photoshopped, artificial, idyllic images. What is raw: your emotions of the day.  What is relevant: It is your day and you’ll want to remember it for a lifetime.

So how does this apply to me and what I want to offer you? Everybody has a camera these days and Photoshop is a household name. So why hire a professional? What makes one a professional? The truth is that Photoshop, cameras and lenses doesn’t make one a better photographer!  These are just tools that a photographer uses to make great photos a bit better. I am not about being a wizard with Photoshop.  I don’t take a bad shot and make it great, I don’t make you look fake and I don’t want to! I strive to capture your light in the camera not create it on a computer.  It is my job to let your light come out, then capture it in the lens of my camera. The tools I use allow me to do that . . . a little bit sharper  . . . a little bit brighter . . . a little more real!  My goal is to capture the best moments for you to remember and re-experience your day by.  My focus is quality not just quantity.  It is popular to promise a set quantity of photos, I will not limit my shots in this manner trying to fill the memory card rather than capturing the moments.  I’ll promise I’ll be shooting the entire day, maybe I’ll shoot 200,300, 400, 1000 shots but what I am looking for is that album full of the best moments of your day and that handful of great shots that you can share with friends and family.  I promise you I’ll keep working for you until my job is done.  Then I’ll go back to the computer and spend more time making those real images a bit more . . . great . . .

I decided to include some images to illustrate my point forgive me the not me version is a bit obvious enjoy.

My style

Not my style

New wedding brochure design.

I thought it might be nice to share my designs for my new wedding photography brochures with you before I go to print with them. Please feel free to comment.

The front

and the back