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A new addition arrives

Congratulations Jen and Aaron on their new addition, Halem Sullivan Azure Christensen.

Erica`s Maternity shoot

It seems that Aug was maternity month for ConceptPhotos. This session was with a couple expecting their third child (you would never believe it) and their two young sons. The focus of this shoot was on family. This is a “family” focused family with their two boys anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby sister. Erica and Scott wanted their shoot to include and even focus on their two boys.  I had a great time with the boys 2 and 5 who made excellent helpers. I think the images we got work well and really say “family”, enjoy.

Erica`s Maternity shoot.

Jen’s maternity shoot

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting a beautiful young woman who is expecting her first baby! Mother hood fits well on her and I couldn’t be happier with the images I got working with her and her partner Aaron. They were fun and adventurous with a willingness to try a multitude of poses and wardrobe changes. The result comes through in the beautiful images I was able to capture. Thanks Jen and Aaron!

Jen’s maternity shoot.

Brookes Birthday Smash!

A few weeks ago I had a rather abrupt meeting with a brick retaining wall while cursing on a bike path. The end result was a badly torn up face and a chipped sinus. Two days later I had a photo shoot scheduled and I was concerned with my appearance.  A mentor of mine (whether he knows it or not) Robert Provencher  of told me that he doubted that this would make any difference especially since the subject was a one year old with a birthday cake to smash into.  So I went ahead and did the shoot.  I am so glad for the experience it was a joy to shoot and get my mind off the accident and my stitched up mug.  Little Brooke couldn’t have been cuter and the family was a joy to work with. Here is a video slide show of the event, enjoy.

Brookes Birthday Smash!.

The family portrait

Family portraits are fun and sometimes a challenge. Now take an extended family of 14+ members (there was to be 18+ but 4 were sick) and one of them is you! This throws a whole new dynamic on composing,  posing, organizing the family members not to mention taking the photos. I think we had a successful shoot here is a link to the video slide show with images from the shoot, enjoy.

Daddy and Me

A recent photo shoot With Ryan and his children “Daddy and Me” . This was a fun shoot in their home which is really convenient for parents of new born babies! Their fireplace and couches seemed like a great place to shoot as the family was very comfortable there.  Ryan and his two wonderful children made for very agreeable subjects. Now I have to return to shoot the whole family and or a “Mommy and Me” Shoot. Enjoy a short clip of the best images from the shoot.

Daddy and Me.

Orville and Carol

A video slide show of raw photos from a recent wedding shoot June 19th 2010. Enjoy, share, promote thanks.

Orville and Carol.

Fairtales and Fiction Teaser

Hot off the preses my latest Photo Shoot Event.

Fairtales and Fiction Teaser.

Leah’s Fairy Day Shoot

One of the first of my Fairy Day videos, enjoy.

Leah’s Fairy Day Shoot.

Fairy Day is in the books!

Fairy day was amazing these little girls just loved the set I created! It was like watching real little fairies stumble across a new moon lit landscape. Each one brought their own version of a fairy to the shoot. There were some tough nuts to crack but everybody and I mean everybody has something that makes them happy! and once you discover that the rest is magic! The ohs and awes from the parents was so gratifying and this before their little one became a fairy. What an absolute blast  . . . Lets have some fun, lets pretend your a beautiful fairy, lets take some pictures of it . . . It almost seems to easy. If it wasn’t for the days, weeks even of preparation and the hrs of set up/take down, it would be. The set I built at home was good but this set went to another level. Key to the success was the space and ample background. Thanks to timwestbackgrounds123 for the great service! Another key was the location of the space, thanks to Richmond Hill Baptist Church. The lighting was taken to another level using three studio flashes and two off camera flashes to create the atmosphere thanks to for helping bend the rules a bit ;-).  Grass, junipers, mushrooms, rocks, water, more rocks, wood chips, moss, more rocks, flowers, bamboo, glass, marbles, more rocks came together in harmonious existence to create a fairy wonderland. So whats next? What about boys? Do you have a good idea for boys? do you have a shoot you would love to see? Here is a teaser image until I get a bit more time with these.

The flutter of Little wings

“Fairy Day” is fast approaching!

If you listen closely you can hear the flutter of tiny wings. “Fairy Day” will make mothers cry and little girls glow with anticipation. On May 8 ConceptPhotos will be hosting Fairy Day.  Imagine a photo backdrop that is more like a movie set than the usual back drop and stool of a traditional photo studio. Now imagine your little fairy sitting on a mushroom while gazing at her reflection in the pond below, lit by mystical magical lighting. This is “Fairy Day”
The event happens  Saturday from 9 am- 5pm with appointments every 20 mins, the cost is $59 and includes a DVD and one 5X7 print. It happens at  7251 Sierra Morena Blvd (Richmond Hill Baptist Church) In West Hills/Signal Hills area. We recommend a white dress with bare feet and legs. Children must be able to sit on their own and be over the age of 2. People can contact me to book their appointment 403-807-9499 or

Empty bowls and shooting celebrities for the food bank

A recent shoot had me switching gears and gear more frequently that I am use to. I recently shot the creation phase of the “empty bowl benefit” for the Calgary food bank. I was shooting the creative process in action using my camera and on camera flash to capture the candid moments as they happened. This is the goods for me I love watching people looking for that moment, the fun moment, the discovery moment, the funny moment, triumphant moment . . . Then at a moment’s notice I had to shoot a portrait of each celebrity as with their finished bowl and event logo. For this I had a pieced together studio backdrop consisting of a piece of white Coroplast against the end of one of the food banks large storage racks.  I was using two studio strobes for this shot which provided a significant increase in lighting. Adjusting back and forth from the ambient light and fill in flash to the robust power of the studio lights was a welcome challenge I had to be on my toes. In the end I captured the essence of the day and met a lot of really fun people.  The bowls are up for bids until May 3 So go have a look, maybe even bid, and tell me which one is your favourite?

Have fun with your wedding photography.

Imagine having a relaxing time even having fun with your wedding photography. Its your day why don’t you? The best photographs do not come from the best lenses, the most megapixels or the highest price. It starts with the relationship between you and your photographer. We have to click! I need to get to get to know you and what makes you tick. As a photographer it is my job to understand the technical aspects of photography but this alone will not “create” a great photograph. “Fun” is the key if your enjoying the experience it will show through and you get images that you want to show off to the world. We will use a combination of posed and photo-journalistic styles to capture your day, with an emphasis on “fun”.

Recently I had a chance to have some “fun” with a great couple two beautiful hotels in Canmore AB. The majority of the shots are in the penthouse at Blackstone. We then took a short walk to Mystic Springs for some fun around the Ping-pong table. The young flower girl also accompanied us and as usual the best shots happened while we let her just be a little girl! Below is a sample of the shots from the day enjoy!

No BS Photography marketing boot camp

I recently attended a marketing boot camp with the boys from No BS Photo Success .

It was a fun time and I came away with many ideas, some ways and products to enhance my services already offered and some new offerings also. So stay tuned for exciting opportunities to be reviled.

Recent portrait and Bridal shoots

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a portrait of a beautiful young bride to be to help decide her final hair style, here are a few of the best shots enjoy. The images are shot with a 50mm at f2.o close to a north facing window with no flash and a reflector to fill in.

Spring is sprung way to ice.

Ice fog clears and a ride on the C-train

Recently I had the opportunity to ride our public transit system (the car was in for service). So I grabbed my G10 and set out. The recent weather had painted the trees and bushes of the city with a carpet of frost and snow and now the sun had come out to play.  However I was in the NE surrounded by malls and cars not trees and bushes. To my surprise my favourite shots of the day would be the first of the day also. As I rounded the corner and started the assent of the stairs to the C-train platform I noted the snow built up on the railings and the brilliant blue sky behind. Enjoy!

Thought of the day

I have been shooting photographs with a SLR since I was 16yrs old I am now 42 . . . yes I have earned the right to call myself a professional but that is only one of the reasons why I do . . .

Month of love!

It is February the “Month of LOVE” and ConceptPhotos is spreading the love!

For the month of Feb I’ll be offering great discounts and free engagement portraits with all wedding packages booked. So if you or a friend could benefit from this call and book now!
Also for the rest of the month I’ll be focusing on images of couples in love!

Stay tuned . . .

Facebook event link

Canon celebrates a milestone

Canon has 50 millionth lens roll off the production floor!

I have been a Canon user for many, many years now.  Over the years I have seen a lot of exciting product come from Canon and this is just a testament to their success.

Get better results on your next photography adventure!

So you are in the mountains staying in a great resort hotel and you want to get some great photos. Simple just walk outside you are surrounded by greatness right?  Not so simple?  . . . Okay you have a spot in mind you have seen great shots of this place in countless books and magazines all you have to do is go there and . . . but what you get is anything but great, why? Experience not your experience with your camera or with composing landscape photos but with the area, specifically the light in the area. When is the best time? Well that is a varying answer. But there are some things you can do to prepare yourself a bit better. Consider the geographic positioning of the area. Are you shooting in a valley that orients east/west? Which direction is the light going to hit your chosen subject from? The sun rises in the east is a given but that early morning fire reflects on the east and south facing landscape!  Some areas don’t get sunrise or sunset light but look great in the golden light of early morning or late day.  Some areas look best in overcast weather and are a challenge to shoot in bright sunny days! Take the time to research an area before you get there and maybe even set aside a day to just visit areas of potential shoots to get a lay of the land and the light!  There is nothing more frustrating than feeling all the time energy and money go to waste because you didn’t take the time to learn about an area.  We have all gone on a photo trip at one time or another that just didn’t produce. The best Photoshop skills cannot beat the feeling of catching the light through your lens! The only substitute for experience is someone else’s experience.  This usually a good choice however not everyone has an experienced professional photographer at their disposal for this purpose.  This is what Catch the Light is offering experience, over 15 years of it to take you into the landscape so you can catch the light in your lens.

The difference is being dejected because you missed the light!

Or ecstatic because you were able to Catch the Light

xc ski in the “K” country

Today I decided to have a day just for me! I went XC skiing with a good friend for the first time in 6 or 7 years!!! Next time I will not wait that long. I took my G10 with me just to shoot a few snap shots. I was amazed at the colour today, the blue skies were so intense that even with out a polarizer they look great. I only snapped a few but next time I’ll be armed with my DSL kit! Here is one of the snaps from the day with only a slight level adjustment and remember no polarizer!

A mid winter walk

Flat grey light for days on end finally gave way to blue sky.  I was madly working away on the computer when it caught my eye. I had to be in SE Calgary by 3pm which left me a few hrs to spare. I decided to head near the area I needed to be and explore. What I discovered was a park I had been to before but not to shoot. Carburn park is along the bike path in Calgary and I had ridden through many times. The skies were not disappointing! What stuck me was the contrast between the dry yellows and browns of the trees and bush against the blues of the cold winter sky. This was added to by the low angle of the sun. I came across some of the largest trees I have seen in the city. As usual I was trigger happy(it doesn’t cost anything to take some extra shots). It was fun to play with details and or a single tree, a pleasant contrast to the grand vistas of the mountain shoots of late. I truly enjoy being able to (re)discover such gems right here in the city limits. It is days like this that remind me why I fell in love with photography in the first place.  There are just so many ways to capture an image. What should be a 10-15 min walk around the park lasted 2 hrs and could have gone on longer.   Here is a small selection of my favourite shots of the day enjoy.

Photo tourism it is

I have been working on the brochure for Catch the Light tours, my photo tour business! I think they are the best so far! I am really excited about this business because it allows me to do two things I really love: I get to shoot with people in the great outdoors! and I get to share with people the many years of experience I have here shooting in this area. Have a look . . . any feed back is always welcome.