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Jeffrey Wilkins, providing creative photography services in Calgary and surrounding area. “I love Photography, every aspect of it” . . . “I Am like a kid in a candy shop” . . . “Especially when I get to capture your life moments”


Rising tide raises all boats

Recent flooding events in the Bow Valley area have prompted Calgary based photographers to band together in an effort help those within the wedding community. The idea started as a simple post in a Facebook group and quickly grew from there. We have all been touched by these floods, some of us are in a position to help those who were affected more severely.


The Idea is simple “A rising tide raises all boats”. Some of our community are in difficult situations due to the floods, maybe events had to be rescheduled or equipment has been lost or people may be unable to fulfill commitments. Other vendors may reeling as well, this is going to take a while to clean up in more ways than one.  In an effort to help those who can are offering up their assistance, how that will look depends on the situation. The motto “lets take care of them first”
Do you need someone to cover a shoot for you, need an assistant, need . . . ?    The list of Photographers willing to help out is growing rapidly:





Kenny and Jill . . . The Hunt is Over.

Kenny and Jill are getting married Aug 3rd  2013.  For their E-session they wanted to have fun doing what they normally do on a “date”.  We headed out into the country for a little shooting . . .  Their love shone through in the cold overcast morning air . We had a great time, these two are good sports comfortable in the outdoors . . . and in the end our targets were hit. I for one am looking forward to the wedding day shots . . . Enjoy.  Kenny and Jill





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Are you wearing Latte for your wedding? 2013 wedding season colour tends.

The votes for the top ten wedding colours for 2013 are in . . . leading experts say: One of the hottest trends is for Latte coloured wedding dresses. Grooms will look sharp in classic grey mixed with shades of red, lilac, nectarine and more. Gold mixed with light shades, delicate pastels of blush or pink can be used as accents. Teal, yellow and dusty rose are also popular and finish off the list. What colours are you choosing?

2013 Wedding colours

Virtual Wedding Guests

When planning a wedding there are always those people who you really wish could be there but you just cannot accommodate them. Maybe they’re half way around the world or their employment doesn’t allow for travel when you want to have your wedding. In addition there are limits to the numbers we can invite, be it financial or seating restrictions. Whatever the reason we cannot please all peoples schedules all the time. Or can we . . . enter Virtual Guests. Streaming your wedding event is now easier than ever with most venues having dedicated lines for internet access. Streaming providers such as Ustream provide user friendly methods to make any size event available to watch LIVE.  You can have camera(s) covering the highlights of the event and even set up skype stations for interacting with virtual guests! Now you don’t have to limit the guest list to the size of the venue just the bandwidth. Something to talk about with your planners and venues.

Virtual weddings in Calgary AB

Virtual weddings in Calgary AB

For more information check out  Ustream

You are “photogenic” you just don’t know it.

You are “photogenic” you just don’t know it nobody believes it but it is true. Well okay some people may be easier to photograph but that’s because they’re more comfortable in front of the lens than others. Truth is everyone can have a great photo taken of them or a really bad one no matter how “good looking” they are. When people tell me they are not photogenic I give them a seemingly self serving answer “you haven’t met the right photographer yet”, regardless this is a true statement. You see it isn’t the skill with the camera that makes this statement true. What makes this a true statement? The relationship you have with your photographer and their ability to make you feel comfortable in front of their lens. Of course there is a skill to this . . . timing.  More than capturing the moment, anticipating it even creating it that is the real skill. Sometimes it is as simple as letting you be you. When the real you shows it is easy to be photogenic, then the skill of the photographer come in creating the difference between a good photo and a great one.  Weddings, families, children, couples etc. it’s all the same. Take the example below, this young girl is naturally beautiful but looks highly “photogenic” in the bottom photo the difference is timing and her comfort level.

You're Photogenic and you don't know it.

You’re Photogenic and you don’t know it.

Childlike wonderment.

During the month of January I have the pleasure of teaching art at My sons elementary school. The Division one students that I am working with are learning about the arctic as part of their social studies curriculum. The projects involve using polymer clay to create a sculpture of an arctic animal influenced by Inuit stone carvings. I suggested these because the forms translate successfully into clay.

It has been nice to be working in another creative medium, however there has been a constant that I had not considered. As I am working with the children I continue to feed on their joy in what seems like magic to them. My somewhat rudimentary examples of Arctic foxes, Narwhals or Muskoxen never fail to please. Eyes pop and mouths open when a few well placed ovals with ears or horns combine together to mimic an animal’s shape. Exclamations of “how did you do that?” are not uncommon.

It’s this wide eyed surprise and wonderment that is the common denominator, and I love it. There is nothing more gratifying than sharing wedding photographs with a couple for the first time. Eyes pop, mouths open and childlike optimism takes hold. Gasps and smiles are reactions to well posed and lit situations. Exclamations of “how did you get that shot, I didn’t even see you” are very common.

One might let this go to their head, and in a way I do. I don’t revel in the Idea that I am “that good”. Instead I am thankful to be so blessed that something I do could arouse such wonderment . . . wow I am so lucky! I stand there in childlike wonderment in the amazing gift I have been given and the magic I get to share.


Celebrate your love, bring hope to the world.

You’re getting married! What, have you got your head in the sand? Didn’t you hear the news, haven’t you seen the headlines? It’s all doom and gloom isn’t it? Terrorism, shootings, war, economic crash and environmental disaster top the headlines for 2012. So how is it that you are planning a wedding? Simple it’s 2013 and the world didn’t end, guess the Mayans were wrong. . . . . life goes on and you have chosen to live and even celebrate life. You are not in denial you’re choosing to focus on the positive. If we give in to the negative we loose. I for one don’t want to live in a world that is with out hope. Historically the celebration of marriage has brought hope, even in the times most deprived of it. Romance is exactly our ability to believe, to hope, to dream of something better, a brighter future. In marriage life goes on and is more than just bearable, its the living out that romance, that belief, that hope. I salute your choice to live, to dream and to love. So celebrate your decision, bring your families and friends together and share your love. Let it spread infectiously through their hearts and souls giving others hope, belief and reason to dream. Make 2013 a bit brighter world.




See the possibilities in every season

See the possibilities everywhere

Brr the wind is cold the sky is grey and there is snow blowing around in the wind.  “Yuck” right . . . wrong, see the possibilities!  Bundle up wear that new sweater and those new boots, wear that new scarf and gloves . . . and heck add a hat. The wind, a little bit of drizzle and some grey skies adds mood to a photograph. Your warm clothes and heavy textures also add to the interest in the photo not to mention those healthy rosy cheeks.  Don’t let the lonely beauty of a blustery fall days pass by without taking advantage of them. These days are to be enjoyed and their beauty captured.

Canmore Wedding, Elie and Christelle.

In Aug I had the chance to capture the story of Christelle and Elie.  We were in beautiful Canmore Alberta Canada.We had a beautiful day full of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Christelle was stunning in her mermaid dress and Elie was quite dashing in his suite. To complete the experience we had a beautiful vintage car and wonderful driver Gerard. The couple`s love was accented by the splendor of the majestic rocky mountains and the serenity of the Silvertip resort. The day was full of emotion as the couple were surrounded by family and good friends. Christelle had two dresses and two pair of shoes, the reason for this became very apparent when the dance kicked off! Party rock was in the house!

below is a selection of my favourite images from the event please enjoy. Thanks to Lynn Fletcher Weddings for their planning skills and to the Christelle and Elie for their love for one and other.

Your story how will you plan it?

Storytelling is the number one job of a photographer but without your input the story is not yours.  You need to consider the elements of your story that are important to you. Take the reins with your photographer and drive your story to the place you want it to go. Let’s discuss some considerations that can help you along your way to your story.

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. Your day is no different you can create a complete story if you consider these elements. This is the reason we photographers like to shoot the bride getting ready, the dress etc. This can be one possible beginning. You may want to do a couples/ engagement shoot to create a beginning to your story. The middle; could be the ceremony, but what parts are specifically important to you? The end; maybe the last dance and a shot of you driving away in the car with the just married sign? Your story has many intricacies and is uniquely yours if you plan it well you will be happy with the results.

What do you want from your story? What elements are important to you? Do you want the entire day captured from getting ready to driving away? Are all these aspects of equal importance? Each part of your story has a level of importance to you and consideration should be given to this when planning. You want all the images that make up your day but which ones mean the most to you? How do you see your images being displayed or distributed as final product?

Product, what’s the role product plays in your decisions. What do I mean by product? Albums, prints, books, social media images electronic displays etc. You need to consider what your dream wedding will look like to you. Is it a beautiful arrangement of prints on your wall? Maybe it is a beautiful album or photo-book. What about the parents or the family and all those friends on facebook? Each of these “audiences” deserves consideration not only in the image type but the medium also. Books or smaller albums are great for the parents with images that showcase the groom for the grooms side and bride for her parents. Images appropriately sized for email and other electronic sharing are what we like to call “social media images” and are perfect for sharing with all your friends.

When working with a photographer you need to consider all these aspects when creating your story. If you leave this to chance and simply ask for the disc at the end you’re setting yourself up for failure. Think about it talk to your partner and friends decide what you want and proceed with a plan. Create a rough draft, an outline for your story. If you want an album and large prints include this. Together you and our photographer can create the images that you will capture on your day.