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You want beautiful photographs that tell “your story” The beautiful story of your wedding day. (that’s a given)  BUT . . . You are more than two people in their best clothes standing up in front of your best friends and families. Your story is well . . . you.  As your photographer I am charged with the job of story teller . . . historian of your story, your moments.
Here are two possible versions of your wedding story:

One: Two people were married.

Your story: You and all the people you love shared an amazing day full of emotion and life. You looked your best and the love you share was obvious to all who were present. The setting was beautiful the details perfect and everyone could feel your love. You laughed, loved, cried and maybe even peed your pants. It was a day you’ll want to remember forever  . . . and because it was your story that was captured . . . you will.

They are accounts of the same day one story just lacks . . .YOU!


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Jeffrey Wilkins of ConceptPhotos for when you’re ready to have your story told.

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