Creative, Story Telling Wedding Photography in Calgary Alberta


Landscape photography fills my soul with joy and gives me another perspective to add to my professional photography. Not only am I honing my skills with  new locations and lighting conditions, I am also adding to my repertoire for wedding photography and portraiture. Getting to experience nature in all its glory is truly uplifting. The hours and days melt away when I am in the landscape. I am drawn to both the prairies and the mountainous landscape. Growing up in the prairies and living the last 15+ years in Calgary surrounded by both has obviously influenced this duality. As I drive, ride, hike through the landscape I am constantly inspired. Whether it is the majestic reflections of the Rockies in a mountain lake or the waves that blow in prairie grasses I can find inspiration.  From the smallest of lichen to the grandeur of the horizon falls before my lens and I capture the light.

Famed and gallery wrapped Giclee prints are available.
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