Creative, Story Telling Wedding Photography in Calgary Alberta


Maternity Photography is ALL about the mum to be.  My job as a photographer is to assist you in letting your inner beauty (that motherly glow) come out and create some beautiful images for you.  All the while making you feel spoiled, pampered, and beautiful! The father’s job is to make you feel safe and loved. Then the most beautiful thing happens . . . your beautiful light is captured through the lens. The female form is never more beautiful than it is at the height of motherhood, curves become even more pronounced, you become even more beautiful. With lighting and draping techniques we will create some amazing artful images that you will want to share forever.  Packages range from basic 1hr shoots to full blown 3+hr glamour shoots with all the pampering and options you could want.  I come to you  . . . in your home . . . for your convenience.  I bring backdrops, lights, prop materials and creativity, you bring your beautiful light  for the camera to capture.


Packages start at $250 with full sessions starting at $350 all packages are fully customizable.

Calgary Alberta Photographer, Jeffrey Wilkins, ConceptPhotos