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Rising tide raises all boats

Recent flooding events in the Bow Valley area have prompted Calgary based photographers to band together in an effort help those within the wedding community. The idea started as a simple post in a Facebook group and quickly grew from there. We have all been touched by these floods, some of us are in a position to help those who were affected more severely.


The Idea is simple “A rising tide raises all boats”. Some of our community are in difficult situations due to the floods, maybe events had to be rescheduled or equipment has been lost or people may be unable to fulfill commitments. Other vendors may reeling as well, this is going to take a while to clean up in more ways than one.  In an effort to help those who can are offering up their assistance, how that will look depends on the situation. The motto “lets take care of them first”
Do you need someone to cover a shoot for you, need an assistant, need . . . ?    The list of Photographers willing to help out is growing rapidly:





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