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Virtual Wedding Guests

When planning a wedding there are always those people who you really wish could be there but you just cannot accommodate them. Maybe they’re half way around the world or their employment doesn’t allow for travel when you want to have your wedding. In addition there are limits to the numbers we can invite, be it financial or seating restrictions. Whatever the reason we cannot please all peoples schedules all the time. Or can we . . . enter Virtual Guests. Streaming your wedding event is now easier than ever with most venues having dedicated lines for internet access. Streaming providers such as Ustream provide user friendly methods to make any size event available to watch LIVE.  You can have camera(s) covering the highlights of the event and even set up skype stations for interacting with virtual guests! Now you don’t have to limit the guest list to the size of the venue just the bandwidth. Something to talk about with your planners and venues.

Virtual weddings in Calgary AB

Virtual weddings in Calgary AB

For more information check out  Ustream

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