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You are “photogenic” you just don’t know it.

You are “photogenic” you just don’t know it nobody believes it but it is true. Well okay some people may be easier to photograph but that’s because they’re more comfortable in front of the lens than others. Truth is everyone can have a great photo taken of them or a really bad one no matter how “good looking” they are. When people tell me they are not photogenic I give them a seemingly self serving answer “you haven’t met the right photographer yet”, regardless this is a true statement. You see it isn’t the skill with the camera that makes this statement true. What makes this a true statement? The relationship you have with your photographer and their ability to make you feel comfortable in front of their lens. Of course there is a skill to this . . . timing.¬† More than capturing the moment, anticipating it even creating it that is the real skill. Sometimes it is as simple as letting you be you. When the real you shows it is easy to be photogenic, then the skill of the photographer come in creating the difference between a good photo and a great one.¬† Weddings, families, children, couples etc. it’s all the same. Take the example below, this young girl is naturally¬†beautiful but looks highly “photogenic” in the bottom photo the difference is timing and her comfort level.

You're Photogenic and you don't know it.

You’re Photogenic and you don’t know it.

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