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Childlike wonderment.

During the month of January I have the pleasure of teaching art at My sons elementary school. The Division one students that I am working with are learning about the arctic as part of their social studies curriculum. The projects involve using polymer clay to create a sculpture of an arctic animal influenced by Inuit stone carvings. I suggested these because the forms translate successfully into clay.

It has been nice to be working in another creative medium, however there has been a constant that I had not considered. As I am working with the children I continue to feed on their joy in what seems like magic to them. My somewhat rudimentary examples of Arctic foxes, Narwhals or Muskoxen never fail to please. Eyes pop and mouths open when a few well placed ovals with ears or horns combine together to mimic an animal’s shape. Exclamations of “how did you do that?” are not uncommon.

It’s this wide eyed surprise and wonderment that is the common denominator, and I love it. There is nothing more gratifying than sharing wedding photographs with a couple for the first time. Eyes pop, mouths open and childlike optimism takes hold. Gasps and smiles are reactions to well posed and lit situations. Exclamations of “how did you get that shot, I didn’t even see you” are very common.

One might let this go to their head, and in a way I do. I don’t revel in the Idea that I am “that good”. Instead I am thankful to be so blessed that something I do could arouse such wonderment . . . wow I am so lucky! I stand there in childlike wonderment in the amazing gift I have been given and the magic I get to share.


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