Creative, Story Telling Wedding Photography in Calgary Alberta

Celebrate your love, bring hope to the world.

You’re getting married! What, have you got your head in the sand? Didn’t you hear the news, haven’t you seen the headlines? It’s all doom and gloom isn’t it? Terrorism, shootings, war, economic crash and environmental disaster top the headlines for 2012. So how is it that you are planning a wedding? Simple it’s 2013 and the world didn’t end, guess the Mayans were wrong. . . . . life goes on and you have chosen to live and even celebrate life. You are not in denial you’re choosing to focus on the positive. If we give in to the negative we loose. I for one don’t want to live in a world that is with out hope. Historically the celebration of marriage has brought hope, even in the times most deprived of it. Romance is exactly our ability to believe, to hope, to dream of something better, a brighter future. In marriage life goes on and is more than just bearable, its the living out that romance, that belief, that hope. I salute your choice to live, to dream and to love. So celebrate your decision, bring your families and friends together and share your love. Let it spread infectiously through their hearts and souls giving others hope, belief and reason to dream. Make 2013 a bit brighter world.




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