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Little details make your Wedding day a real success!

The little details that add up to make your Wedding day a real success! What did I forget? Did we plan everything? Have we accounted for . . . the list can go on. The big details of planning your wedding are often the most consuming occupying the forefront of our minds as the date looms closer. However there are a lot of little details that can get over looked and may have a bigger effect than the cake arriving 15 mins late or Uncle Charlie sitting at the wrong table. Wedding planning services and planner binders with all the details in them will have taken care of the big details by the big day. Below is a list of some little things that if forgotten or overlooked might make your day less than memorable!

Break in your shoes! There are two considerations here. Although it might make Americas funniest home videos a slip while walking down the aisle in brand new shoes will likely not be the highlight of your day. And just think how enjoyable those blisters from your new shoes will feel during the first dance. Solution scuff up the bottoms, wear the shoes around the house enough to break them in but not break them down!

Eat! Don’t skip breakfast all together, eat something consider easy to digest foods that will give you long lasting energy like yogurt and fruit. If you’re getting married in the am and have a reception in the evening then by all means please eat something for lunch. Just be smart about what. Make sure you drink some water stay hydrated, this helps avoid headaches etc. Keep the coffee to a minimum it could add to your already jittery state and will make you need to pee more often.

Speaking of pee . . . go! Before you get your gown and jewellery on go pee. Consider your day have a pee plan. In all seriousness have a bridesmaid or friend designated to help you out literally! Also know the venue is there one bathroom that is easier to access than another, often times the wheelchair accessible bathrooms are bigger and more private. Depending on the venue you may have to secure a key to use this one. You will be happy you planned ahead if the only bathroom is the port-a-potty on the golf course! Unless you’re planning to win that prise on AMFV.

Pack an emergency bag! Many a would be disaster can be solved with some simple planning. Torn dresses can be pinned back together with a safety pin (a pin is easily removed in photoshop). You’re going to be in unfamiliar territory, don’t take a chance on someone else being able to come to your rescue. The day of my wedding I woke up with a brutal head ache, we were staying with my mom and I went into her medicine cabinet for some relief found the bottle marked Tylenol and promptly took 3 . . . 292’s which have codeine in them. Now I am allergic to codeine. I spent the next few hrs in a confused, nauseated and itchy state, a perfect relaxing start to my wedding day. Fortunately my bride to be was too busy to notice.

Breath, really, not only will this help you to remain standing but you will remember the day better if you take time to breath. Take some personal time just you to look at yourselves in the mirror, take note of all the good things, the jewellery, your hair, your dress or suit if you’re the groom. Take time to breath together throughout your day. There will be so much going on that it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and miss some of the day. As a photographer I always tell my couples to “just love and enjoy each other for a few moments . . . forget about me” this always makes for great photos, especially when you don’t realize I am shooting.

It’s your day plan for it but most of all enjoy it.

Emergency kit for your wedding day: Throw all your items in a back pack or bag and make keep them in the car or with a trusty family member. Band aids, Tylenol (or other), safety pins, gravol, sewing kit, two sided tape, duct tape, black maker, tide stick (or other brand), Kleenex, water bottles, Umbrellas, stockings, quick snacks like granola bars etc, gum, money, cel-phones(you need these available but not on you!), maps, phone #s of contacts etc, nail polish, etc. Basically it is like an overnight toiletries bag.

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